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Scene Girl

from Il Cantuatore

i take a scene girl turn her into a mean girl
like that red head chick who looked better thick woah
gettin them puttin pop on their i pod
and have em at the mall window shopping at izod
i thought it didnt matter what kind of clothes you wear
scene people care as much as abercrombe cares
when it comes to fashion im just unaware
i try to look a lot like that dude jude law
but sometimes it seems theres no hope at all
but if i did girls would be pounding at the walls
for me
but as you can see
im just a blondish blue eyed irish man
cant afford nice clothes so im a clearance fan
i would look a lot thinner if i had a tan
but im not indie enough for thee

if i wear dress shirts
than im not worth
a minute of your time to try to unearth
your hidden fantasies
or love of the melodies

im just a regular guy
and you cant tell me why
you could never fall for me

but still even if i give you chills
down your spine, youll never be mine
cause i bewearin these target jeans
hopefully but im not indie enough for

so take a pop singer cause im a beginner
i dont understand your emo ways
its not like i havent seen better days
i just like to get my mood elevated

and music is my substance of choice
cant smoke stuff, cause i need a voice
plus my little sis needs a role model
so ive been easy on the bottle
not really
but hopefully

im not emo enough

music/words by benjamin

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