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from Wounded Eyes

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

when you called last night i was scared
broken hurt and unprepared for you
couldnt get the words out right
how you made me feel last night and how you dried my eyes
with single telephone ring, all my troubles take away everything

and my wounded eyes are now repaired
and i was only gettin scared of

what you meant to me when we left off
and the restless man ive become
and i just dont want to scare you off
but i hope that you can see F what you have done

Theres a million things i could say
but im good with words anyway so why dont i
just show you my thoughts in 3 dimensions of
trusting and of sheer excitement
no wait thats not what i meant
i meant to take a walk
i meant to skips some rocks

like the way you want to be with someone
is there anyway for me to be someone .. who could

take you out on small road trips or watch tv in bed
and if you want me singing in your ear all the songs stuck in your F head D ooo yeah

Oh you got to
put on some sinatra
we could sing along
and we could bring a lotta
country tunes and why dont
we just give this fairy tale a try
the princess beauty meets the F average guy

and i sit right here in my bedroom waiting after all my shows are done
and i turned down any girls who tried because they arent the special one
who i could write about even though im without shes in her city by the sea
dont worry about the small time guy who never got a try but if you do then think of meeeeee

youre such an angel

when you called i thought i was dreaming

ooooooooo hhhh for me

got a movie with the song on the soundtrack that makes me think of you
when every i hear and it is coincidence that that same night you appear out of nowhere
is when i am right here
listening to it

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