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Out of This World

from Il Cantuatore

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

I guess nothing I could ever drink tonight
could give me chills like close and slow dance
rubbing me right
and thats just fine
in fact its about damn time

ahh oo i want this lovin
so lets get to startin somethin
i got a girl she so damn fine
and its about damn time

she a little bit mexican and lebanese
got my heart pumpin shaking in my knees
when her eyes cast on me
im like love me please
cause you could pop my rocks like antifreeze
so easy on the eyes that its teasing me to another 3rd dimension
and im restless in peace tonight

well I got to get myself closer
---- cause im too far from her yeah yeah
shake me take me out of this world
i gots to get with that girl

its so hot inside a moment with your lips in sight
when i see your body want to take a bite
cant get rid of this energy your givin me i better be
gettin on your good side so youll be in my hands tonight
riding in my coupe with the windows down
pickin up my speed so we can fool around
gettin back to my crib at a quarter to three
tried to kiss the chicky but she fell asleep

you got me changing my style
truth be told it has been a while
since a girl could have me nervous when the lights go out
wanna do this right and go a few more rounds
having aching to come over on a nightly basis
trying to get over how damn cute your face is

well I got to get myself closer
---- cause im too far from her yeah yeah
shake me take me out of this world
i gots to get with that girl

im in love
ella mas bonita, im so glad i got to meet her
im in love
ay de mi
/ Got me speaking foriegn toungues
ive been waking early when the mornin comes
so i can kiss her till the sun goes back to bed
and she understands the things i said

i said mmmm babe you look so good
dont have to rhyme but you know i could
the way your making me feel now
i got a girl no doubt a dime
and its about damn time

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