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Pick it Up

from the Sketchbook

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

Held captive by the way you move
the chains are gettin tighter oh my
This is something we both know how to do
so why dont we give lovin a try
you know its easy and you know its fun
and you heard i get the reviews
so why the hell are we still hangin around
while you get hit on by the same old frat dudes

So pick it up
with the beat
lift me up

i dont want no girl but you

We can drink
we can dance
we can love

but you know its all up to you

I got a secret and its only for you
so come on baby i want to tell
the strong desire it could take us to heaven
have the neighbors sayin what in the hell
(Ive had it since the moment i fell)
and i wont let another evenin go by
while you are stuck in redundancy
i thought i told you im not like other guys
but dont just take my word babe take me


Stop the hating from the nut gallery
you try to crticize but do you have a cd?
No you dont so just back up off of me
and maybe youll stop hatin when im on mtv
so look out playa cause the news it is breaking
and girls will want to see of all

This outrageous night can only get better
were turnin up the lovin youll see
so good to me i could never neglect her
ill always be wherever she needs
and i found an angel that can dance like a devil
so captivate me more
and no one knows how the night is progressin
until we get to closing the door


Im gettin all riled up tonight
when the party is at bloom
but can we dance the night away in my room

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