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Do You?

from Hypnotized

Stop me if its late
just walk out don't give me faith
leave me with my drink
and go back home

i dont want to blink
i'll remember everything
every single second
your infront of me

i didn't wait
cause the chances came so few and far between
and you were't to be seen

rushing out to you
its no secret they all know its true
when they see me
react to you

but you gave know signs
all i heard were whispered
broken lines
i didnt know if it was real

did you feel anything
i just need you to say
i wondered each and every day
since we first met

i dont care if no one thinks that i could have a chance
even if they heard it from your lips
i just want to know if i could ever make you smile the way
you do sometimes oh you do sometimes
if only for a while

i still think of you
even when you're miles away
nothing i can do but tell you now

say its good for self esteem
but these things i truly mean

I thought you must have known but maybe not

so i just ask of you
to make this easy
put this in plain view

do you?

music/lyrics by benjamin