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6 in the Mornin'

from The Cure for the Common Ex-Girlfriend

(music and lyrics by benjamin)
well ya didnt call last night again
so i went downtown and i found myself a friend
we stayed out all night
drinkin the beer we saw on the neon lights
and took a cab back to my house and then
i was lovin her at 6 in the mornin
i was huggin her at 8 in the mornin
she was leavin me at 9 in the mornin
and i was missin you at 10 in the mornin
orderin out every day for dinner
doin sit ups but i dont get thinner
do you think im a winner cause im not
but im not a loser
im just a middle of the road
caffine abuser but you should see the size of my dvd stash
that i got
all my life
all i wanted was a girlfriend
that i could end
every night with
i wouldnt fight with
but that wouldnt do
for some reason fate
matched me up with you
and now i got to go through
the old one 2
i cant date other girls
but also cant date you
well scratch that
i wont have that
im sick of this disadvantage
gonna miss me when ive landed
somewhere else for a change
and im out of your range
you cant tie me up with your
shackels and chains
but i gotta good good feeling
that one day ill be back
but until that day comes you
can deal with the fact that
you threw this away to whatever demise
and somebody else will have me starin deep in their eyes
and uh oh here comes a girl i see
that laughs at my jokes and knows how to treat me
and this very same girl just happens to be
better than you and as cute as can be
i was lovin her at 6 in the mornin
i was huggin her at 8 in the mornin
but she's not leavin me at 9 in the mornin
and i'm not missin you at 10 in the mornin
and ill be huggin her deep in the afternoon
and ill be huggin her real late under the moon
and ill be lovin her when we go back to bed
and you can kiss my ass for all the things you said

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