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We Are All Mortal

from The Sketchbook

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

starting over
rebuilding your livelyhood
when you arent yourself anymore
well its hard to always be good

and even though youre wanted
youre blind to all demand
and all the people praying for you
brush away their helping hand

it isnt time to fight back
because you have no enemies
the only force that works against you now
is a love that brings you to your knees

and all your friends point out
it doesnt help to pout
but when theyre in these shoes you inhabit
theyd do anything to get themselves out

so youre always feeling tired
though you slept through most the day
and you dont want to go to anywhere familiar
but in your home you cannot stay

and you will not heal with time
and youve lost most of your hope
and youre asking G-d to get them back to you
even though you are no pope

so now im going to say
whats been said a million times
i know what youre going through
just hear these songs of mine

and live on
live on the best you can
be strong
cause people understand

we are all mortal

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