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On the Floor

from Wounded Eyes

i read this old song i have yet to write
it sparks my bright sentimental light
and turns my finger tips to white
for hours on end ill play

to greet this feeling with a tear
or wash way the thoughts with beer
or cry out to the Gods of whiskey
will she ever start to miss me

oh im drunk on the floor and crawling away from my bed
as i reach for the phone, im begging for you back again
but you hang up on me, cause i say that im still in love
but at least were assured that you still have someone to shove

ill fraternize with photographs
and reminisce on ancinet laughs
and strip away my will power till
there is nothing left

ill walk up to the corner store
and buy myself 200 more
minutes counting carefully
ill use them all for you

oh im drunk in my chair resting the phone on my ear
while it only rang twice it feels like i waited a year
but you hang up on me, i have not woke up from out dream
and you try to tell me that things are as bad as they seem

oh dont try to tell me you are sorry
somewhere down the road
ohh i will not listen to
what you have to say to me

so now i played my highest card
and still alone and still so far
away from you and still my car
is wrecked beyond repair

will my will withstand its greatest test
my self control is weak at best
and always i cannot arrest
my urge to call you again

oh im drunk on the floor crawling away from my pride
as you found out my weakness and lock me up from the inside
but one day you will wake up and tell me that you want me back
until that day comes, im falling asleep in my Jack [Daniels]

Cry out to the gods of whisky, will she ever start to miss me again?

words/music by benjamin

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