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Who Cares Who Stares

from Lucky O'Mac

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

do you need me did you ever i dont know but its
not about that im just so proud of how youve grown
we had these dreams i would sing and you would teach
and though people laughed I knew that they were never out of reach
i love the phone calls hearing that you made the grade
the tone of your voice hearing inhibitions fade
the love i show you when youve got nowhere to cry
the love you still have even though im not your guy but

Who cares who stares
they cant find the answers just by lookin in your eyes
thats my gift and my wish
and no one can stand in the way or compromise this

i tap your window you come to meet me late at night
your friends dont see you, run to me and hug me tight
and so they wonder, where do i get the nerve to see the one i love
when the cold cold rain is what they think i deserve
so hearing whispers, you close the door and reach for me
but in their line of sight im just an ex who needs some company
if they knew, would they still adivise you to forget all about the
love that saved your life so many times so i say

who cares who stares
they werent there when fairy tale started
you base fact on how they react but
they arent the ones who are left so cold and broken hearted

can you come see me, i really need you will you please
hey remember how you just said a few of these
and now im hurting, and some say ive no leg to stand
but i could crawl a million miles if you were there to lend a hand
but your sequestered, your held for nothing in your room
you need some care no ones there but, im not allowed to care for you
and no ones coming, thats why youre on the phone with me
but these are things that i cant tell you, you just have to see

who care who stares
if you listened to my songs youd know
i went through too much just to let her go
and if you think it, you should do it
cause cheating with your mind is just as bad as
being the cheating kind

i cant turn my back
i cant let you down
cant believe I found
the best love in town
that can pick me up
that can write me songs
that can wrong my heart
but then write those wrongs
and then leave my side
but be staring back
and i feel theres no
way to react except
reaching out and then
falling fast and praying it lasts
dont forget the past yeah

who cares who stares

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