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from Wounded Eyes

I take my things and walk away and she turns
as cute as ever
just like the day that we first met in school
i thought that i never be with her

but i was that lucky
and now i know it with bite
for all the love i may lose in driveways
couldnt compare to tonight with you

You ask me why am i in love with you
and i never answer
but if i could will you come back
well if so, "youre a wonderful dancer"

I know I know its not the truth
but thats one thing that i remember early june or mid october
dancin with you and your smile could not be matched by heaven
above or the stars which i do love
and if i have said something wrong forgive me
well i didnt mean to
i make you cry with all my songs, but tonight
i just want to see you smile

when you know that theres no confusion
theres no trouble in your heart that was tearing you apart
ive said my piece my plea is through and now the case is up to you
but before you slam down your verdict i ll make sure that you have heard this
IM sorry

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