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A Love Divine

from The Cure for the Common Ex-girlfriend

Well you close your eyes and then youre sleeping --
all the while i lie here wanting not to leave
but i know that when the clock makes its way to one
ive got to rise and wake you up to make you kiss me my goodbyes again
and when the next day comes we'll do it again and nothing will seem
better than this
and when we lose it we'll want it back so much
and when i leave your house for the last time, lets pretend that its
the first time, so we dont cry

and you warm my skin like wine
as your dark brown hair will shine
this paradise of mine
we live a love divine

we live a love divine

and i will never let your lips be lonely
my love divine
and any time that i can wrap my arms around you tight
oh i will try try my love divine

Creep Out to the water
Creep out to my dreams,inc.