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If You Weren't So Mean

from Live Studio Album and The Sketchbook

(music/lyrics by benjamin)

Living like an outlaw in a world
of crime, I think that I was
born to live a different time
when the chivalry of a knight
it was appreciated, and
people fell in love cause they
were fated

I could never be another kind
of guy, for changing is a thing
that I refuse to try oh and
just because the world has changed
and I'm not normal
doesn't mean its wrong to act this formal

I am the one who wants to be a king
and you could be my queen
if you weren't so mean

I've taken a load of $hit from you and now
I'm done, and don't think for a second
I have jumped the gun
cause you kept me caught inside your
cage of dark deceit and treated me
as just a piece of meat

Well love is what I'm paying for inside this cell
Living in your lies has been
a living hell, but I'm tellin you
from now on it is a different
story, I will not believe that you
adore me

I am the one who wants to be a king
and you could be my queen
if you weren't so mean

I don't deserve all these tears
I stood beside you for years
you may regret me
but you won't forget me
so take all your $hit and move on
cause you can't have SEAN!

Now that I am free and not a chain attaching
I got to find a girl to catch who's worth
catching, I don't know just where to go
so help me out, and if you want me baby
give a shout

I am the one who wants to be a king
and you could be my queen
if you weren't so mean

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