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from Wounded Eyes

(music/lyrics by benjamin)

When the winds escape the trees
They sing songs of air between
And the scent of night time looms
We drive red brick streets into
A mirage of fairy tale
Which can lift love to full sail
And while water creeps away
We find passion cannot stray

In a car parked in the dark
The excited pair embark
On a stationary ride
Through a feeling kept inside
While the captivating sky
Filled with stars that reign up high
Is in sight for all to see
Its no specticle for me

Cause tonight I'm in your reach
And your love is all I seek
And your eyes are all I gaze upon
For your love is something I take on

And you don't get the reasons
You fight away the seasons
And all I'm asking for is just to
Open up that door

Cause love will find you there
As my hand glides through your hair
As we meet our lips will quake
From a love you cannot fake
While my song is only this
Just a memoir to a kiss
Still I write it all for you
In hopes that you'll feel it too..

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