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You Bring Me to This

from Sophomore

(music and lyrics benjamin)

you dont seem to notice
oh the way i look at you
cause every one around you.. is looking that way too
and its getting later seems im running out of time
cant help feeling pressure
my heart is boiling over yeah

you bring me tooooooooooo
you bring me tooooooooooo

maybe fate will bring you
in front of me tonight
and you will drift into my mind
and see what is inside
youre the only painting
that i would never change
but i do believe its true
that you dont know my name

and how you bring me toooooooooo
you bring me toooooooooo

i should introduce us
but i probably wont
but i cant regret as much the things i do
over things i dont
time is getting harder to ignore
as you drift away
i am getting farther then before
from a rational display

you bring me toooo this
you bring me toooo this

i dont know much about you
but im learnin to doubt that
i will ever see

and im tired of waiting
sittin back and debating
if i should tell you should i tell you how

you bring me toooooo this
a tired song of crossroads

you bring me toooooo this
you bring me toooooo this

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