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Lying Angel

from Wounded Eyes

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

when i call
will you be alone
if youre not will you answer the phone

and i sing your song for you
that i wrote but baby who
are you talkin to in the background

well you kissed me last night so sweetly
then you felt your guilt and ran away
into his arms but why should you
dont you get that you still want me
every time we meet you get on me
and try to lose your mind again

lyin angel of mine
why do you
try to make up your mind oh so soon
after leavin a love that you
keep lookin back at
uh oh
whered i go now

now sit down and listen to me
dont you hear the work that i put into each of these songs for you
when i come by your place with flowers
or we sit on the phone for hours
will you still say that i take you for granted
whos the one whos so heartbroken
never thought id feel like choken on my last breath
try to be a stronger guy, try to leave you when you make me
feel like i am not important


Why are you being so difficult with me
after i had been your angel so long
you would think that youd be crawling back to me
why am i the one here on my hands and knees

anything you say im listening
i was there for you through this thing
now you lie to keep me on a chain
cause you say that you dont want me
but when we meet you lovings haunting
as you move in closer for a kiss


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