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from the Sketchbook

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

please dont think you can keep tabs on me
if youre straying out of bounds
youve been trying on the clearance rack
knowing they cant go more rounds
so youre drunk and now youre calling me
and your boyfriend aint no worry
but if you want me better lose that punk
and id do it in a hurry

cause im

Stuck in one place, and i wont waste no more time
Youll be too late if you do wait
Say Goodbye
you will say goodbye

i have flipped your constant hourglass
for you way to many times
and ive thrown out rescue ropes for you
when youre saved you drop the line
but when youre looking for that extra thing
an aspect of me that you miss
i can feel it when you bring your lips closer
you can feel it when we kiss

passion we taste we cannot waste no more time
youll be too late if you do wait
say goodbye
you will say goodbye

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