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Do Whatever You Want

from Il Cantuatore

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

Two rings of my mobile phone
got a pretty young lady waiting for me at home
so its, go time and i hope in my ride
i roll the back windows down and the passenger side
its a 98 aquamarine lovin machine and
id take you for a ride "If You Weren't So Mean" but its
cool baby cause you tried to play me,
so im'a roll passed today

and my lady knows how to get me
damn the girl even thinks im sexy
and the things i want to do she lets me
i kiss my girl she says
do whatever you want

sittin in a coffee shop
lookin at a girl who could make me stop
dead in my tracks, id like to keep a girl like that
stickin with my desire as i roll up in her driveway
fumblin over forward lines shes laughin it off
what i say
seein right through my spittin as we're sittin
it aint a love bug but im about to get bitten, shes sayin
do you wanna come inside
what do ya think baby have you ever been denied well
hell no, so i put it in park as i walk her to the door
in the dark say do whatever you want

do whatever you want

coat white jeans tight
bout to have a great night
hop into my car cause its time to roll
with sean till dawn turn my favorite songs on
then i pop it into cruise control
cause i wanna lean over to kiss you
whenever im away for long im going to miss you
so i think i should stay right here
and put of college life for a year

do whatever you want

its gettin hot up in the club tonight im almost ready to play and im going to lay the beat so you and yours can dance the night away im on a, roll rockin
dont stop him, im gettin addicted to the fact im doublin up the time on rhymin, sugar sweet walkin up high st
got the brown buffolinos on size 13 feet,
im 5 foot 9 and i aint no dime but id look a little bit better after that tequila and lime,
but my lady doesnt need those drinks i told the girl i like the way that she thinks and she said
why dont we stay home tonight i said thats alright we can

do whatever you want

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