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from Sophomore

Lately im a mountain
you could cry a fountain
it wont move me as much as you need
or as much as you were countin on me

im a solid structure
one that you cant puncture
im on top of everything in my little
life of luxury

cause when you got me down so down
i was a mess hey
i can admit it
but now that im fine by myself
dont try to call
unless your willin to see
that you were pretty mean to me

i give second chances
and you just take advantage
im not lettin you back in my
khaki cargo pants yeah

you will just

wear my favorite shirt
or hit me where it hurts
you could smile the way
you did when we used to
encounter lovin down by the water excuse me but i

Got my self down hold on now
im still a wreck but wont admit
its not like i dont know better
but please dont call unless your willing to hear me
talk about the times we had last year

i can stand up
i couldnt before but im worth
more than you would have me think
i used to drink the night away
but now im dancin so hey

when your around me
you try to look down on me

but now that i know what kind of man i can be
just get the hell away from me

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