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Independence Day

from Possible EP

yo wake me up with another taste of
what took place at my place in the basement
you and me facin eachother
then you give it to me lover
back it up drop it down
wash the covers
the next day
so we won't have to explain
to anyone who says yo is that a stain
whats up, i didn't hear you
whatcha say.
it doesnt matter
this my independence day

flash, exposures from your new camera
you look so fly i must say hot damn ya
brush up brush up, make me feel like the weather
hot in the summer and gettin it on till november
i'm a member of your fan club and the president
all up on you is where i wanna be a resident
but for real at the present tense
im a little bent outta shape cause
its my independence day

I dont want to be missin out
on independence day
but im not just givin it out
on independence day
the sun the skirts
the fire works
and everybody in between dancin

no rules, no school
just a little bit a drool
from what neighborhood girls are wearin
put down my burger starin,
spread my ketchup with a knife pickle slice and high life
one time let me hear you start to sizzle
and none of us gives a fuck if it drizzles
for shizzle, once again im sean benjamizzle
hey hey
on my independence day

spread out the blanket
pour me some drink
whatcha think
do you want to stay here
all night?

ooh and loose your inhibitions
if you apply ive got positions
so listen to my song
and get kickin rocks to my
spot, yeah pull them socks on
we'll start to rock
yeah we'll start to rock
the foundation
of this summer vacation
no waiting, for a dull hesitation
no way
its my independence day

music/words by benjamin

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