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from Wounded Eyes

(music and lyrics by benjamin)

lady come, arise watch the mornin meet you
watch the sun
lady come alive, watch the love that greets you in my arms
youll never feel alone

can i wake up in your arms
can we love until the earth warms
the dew forms on the grass and night collapses
to the other side

such as freedom is engaged when we are together at night
and the moon showing only one face forever doesnt matter not to us

when i wake up in your arms
when we love until the earth warms, the dew forms on the grass
the night collapses to the other side of the world

the stars could fall
the oceans flood
and nothing here will break us
the moonlit sky
could burn and die
and still i want to wake up

so i climb the stairs that lead me to your room
and you are beautiful
for the millionth time
and though still unsure, you let me in and breathing hard
we notice you are still
longing for my kiss

can i sleep inside you arms tonight
can we sleep until the earth warms with light
cause ill love you till the end of my life
yes ill love you till the sky falls, the water crawls
across the land and hand in hand we stand upon a dying earth
but a love that will live on

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