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from Live at the Blues Station

i come from the land of lyndhurst you see

a middle class suburb thats full of fake gees

so i know all about wannabees

you can call me one, i just say cracka please

i just do my thing

i write i rap i play i sing

you read you watch

suck my

dont be talkin s on my block

sinkin light the weight of a stone

whenever im away from home

this corny white dudes warning you

lucky citys here,

im the count of this yo

back from the dead like monte cristo

and it seems like it is time to introduce my click

vaudeville, meno, room nineteen yo

foxx, erosion duff yo

thats good enough for me

put it in the cd playa

im so pale that you cant see me playa

talk so fast you dont know what i saya

hot little hunnies yo commonawannalayya uh

get them all up in my loft

quita la camisa yo take it off

still pretty wholesome but i dont lie

sean o mac still a nice guy

sinkin light the weight of a stone

whenever im away from home

this corny white dudes warning you

lucky city

took it from burbs of cleveland

athens, kent, the bus, dc and

gas tank hurtin, ill keep workin

get a record deal or its curtains

i need some cash to flow

can i get a job with a 3 . 0

well thanks sean, you can go

we got your number we'll let you know

i got my resume

its lucky city music

can i get a job today

for the past three years

this what i been doin

full time school for poli sci

minor in crim, well rounded guy

8 cds and counting why?

2 shows a week, practice everynight

broke down cars, borrowed guitars

packin people into the local bars

reinvesting profits in

flyers, posters, shirts and pins

retain knoweledge, got from college

work real hard like i was amish

deans list, battle of the bands

myspace got me lots of fans

and i might not have an internship

just got my own business bitch

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