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Wrote a Song About You

from Lucky O'Mac

know you cant help it, when you hear my old songs
songs about girls ive seen
you dont come across jealous, cause i understand girl
i know youre not trying to be mean
but when you are listenin please dont worry
you know they are words from the past
cause though this might be the first song about you
im thinkin it wont be the last

time i get my guitar out and write down some words
and put it out in a song

crystalized eyes staring into crystals eyes
I know you should get it by now
the words have opened a door for me to tell you
what the look on my face is about
getting out your car and walking to my door
i see a crush from before
and i cant ignore

so i jump up and thinkin what i am dreaming of,
hey what a time for a spark, this tension, invents new song for singing
and if youve be kept in the dark
i wrote a song about you

a physical force is driving me towards you
emoitions are keeping me there
I'll soon learn the words to say what im thinking
you wont have to ask if i care
the time is approaching for you to get home
but i want to see you again
and if i cant sleep will you be awake cause
if not i know i will spend

My time writing the words the way that i feel so
you wont be guessing for long
and i hope that it flatters you to one day find out
you are the girl in this song......
i wrote a song about you

wish i could take you away from the problems you deal with
and make them stay back home
it doesnt seem easy but ill still try to solve em, even though
it cant be done

Oh Girl im racing the words im breaking my pencil
to write how i feel i need more utensils
for bracing my speed your loves what i need, this ballad of what we do

I wrote a song about you

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